Types of Telepsychiatry Services

Scheduled Telepsychiatry Services

InSight’s programs for outpatient organizations are run through it’s scheduled services division. With scheduled telepsychiatry, InSight assigns a consistent provider or small group of providers to serve a regular caseload of consumers. These providers are available in set blocks of time to do anything that a traditional in-person telepsychiatry provider… read more

On-Demand Telepsychiatry Services

InSight’s on-demand service division provides psychiatric evaluation via video to hospital emergency rooms, psychiatric crisis centers, inpatient units, correctional facilities and other organizations that need as-needed psychiatric assessments and care. Our on-demand services are generally one-time encounters focused on determining the appropriate disposition and plan for an individual in psychiatric… read more

Inpatient Telepsychiatry Services

InSight’s telepsychiatry services can be used to support an inpatient medical setting for weekend rounding, on-demand response or after-hours admission services. InSight telepsychiatry providers integrate into the onsite system of care to expand the facility’s psychiatric capacity.

Telephone Consults, Questions or Orders

Not all encounters with the telepsychiatry provider will require the initiation of a video link. InSight’s telepsychiatry providers are available after hours for phone consultation services to physicians, nurses, social workers or case managers. These phone consultations can be used to help onsite professionals effectively manage the care of behavioral… read more

Access Center Services

All televideo encounters are managed and processed by InSight’s internal 24/7 Access Center using a proprietary system designed for on-demand telepsychiatry called AccessInSight. The Access Center serves at the gateway to all of InSight’s telepsychiatry providers and is tasked with the following: Acts as the centralized and primary point of… read more

Rounding for Follow-up Encounters

InSight’s telepsychiatry system can be used to supplement a hospital’s capacity to deliver treatment as well as evaluation by providing follow-up psychiatric consults to consumers who have already been seen via televideo and are awaiting placement. If treatment has been initiated and a prescription requires follow-up on the same consumer,… read more

Urgent Telepsychiatry Services (4 Hour Response)

InSight can serve medical or surgical floors as a consultation services to hospitalists or other physicians. Under this model, InSight telepsychiatrists consult via phone and video with charge nurses, attending physicians and other staff to provide expertise on the behavioral health concerns of medical patients throughout the hospital. Telepsychiatrists are… read more

Other Telebehavioral Health Services

In addition to psychiatry, InSight can offer all other levels of behavioral health services through telehealth. InSight has a large network of behavioral health providers including counselors, therapists, social workers and psychologists who we work with to service the comprehensive behavioral health needs of any organization or individual, all through… read more

Additional Telehealth Services

As a recognized thought leader and strong policy influencer in the telemental health arena, InSight’s leadership has had the opportunity to form strong operational relationships with telemedicine providers of various disciplines. These relationships could be of significant value if a partner wished to expand their telemedicine program beyond behavioral health…. read more