Telepsychiatry for Community Mental Health Centers

shutterstock_58756819-2InSight provides routine telepsychiatry services to community mental health centers, FQHCs, outpatient offices and a variety of other settings across the nation. With routine telepsychiatry, your facility can have consistent, remote providers serving a regular caseload of consumers. These providers are available in blocks of time for assessments, medication management, treatment team meetings, supervision and more.

Facing budget constraints, many community-based organizations choose to supplement their onsite psychiatric services with a remote psychiatric prescriber team that uses psychiatric nurse practitioners working in tandem with a psychiatrist.

The psychiatric nurse practitioners integrate with the onsite care team to see and treat a regular caseload at one or more locations while regularly interacting with an InSight psychiatrist. This model has proven to offer the most cost-effective access to psychiatric prescribers.

In addition to the direct care from a remote psychiatric nurse practitioner, most organizations also integrate an InSight psychiatrist into their care team. The psychiatrist often joins the organization via televideo for staff meetings, clinical leadership and consultation along with the care team.

Integrating a psychiatrist into the care team on a regular basis empowers staff and facilitates collaboration between onsite and remote providers. Though the remote psychiatrist does not generally see consumers, he or she is available to the onsite staff and InSight’s remote psychiatric nurse practitioners for supervision and consult. This popular model helps some organizations meet their state’s regulations on psychiatric nurse practitioners and offers all organizations a cost-conscious way to supplement the onsite team’s psychiatric capacity.