On-Demand Telepsychiatry Services

hospital telepsychiatry InSight’s on-demand telepsychiatry services providers are available to evaluate consumers within one hour of a request on average. In order to access a telepsychiatrist, partner support staff calls InSight’s internal Access Center to give preliminary demographic and clinical information to a live representative. The Access Center representative then links the onsite staff with the appropriate telepsychiatrist who conducts a face-to-face interview with the consumer via video-conferencing. After the psychiatric exam, the provider collaborates with onsite resources to jointly determine appropriate disposition. By enabling psychiatric evaluations to be done by the highest level of professional available, InSight’s services help every consumer receive the least restrictive and most appropriate level of care. Documentation is promptly returned to the hospital via secure electronic transmission immediately following each encounter. InSight on-demand providers can serve as a consultant or prescribe medication directly.