Telepsychiatry for Hospitals

hospital telepsychiatry InSight specializes in hospital-based telepsychiatry. InSight’s services aim at finding the most appropriate and least restrictive level of care for every consumer presenting in crisis. The goals of InSight’s services include:

  • Reducing inappropriate commitments
  • Reducing unnecessary transfers
  • Improving access to timely psychiatric evaluation and care
  • Initiating treatment when appropriate
  • Collaborating with onsite professionals to facilitate timely disposition

Improve Efficiency and Throughput

InSight’s psychiatric providers are available to evaluate any consumer with an on average one-hour response time. In order to access the telepsychiatrist, support staff can call InSight’s internal Access Center where a live respondent will gather preliminary demographic information and basic clinical information on the case. The Access Center representative then links your site with the appropriate telepsychiatrist who conducts a direct face-to-face interview with the consumer via real time video link.

The provider conducts a mental status exam and then works directly with onsite resources to jointly determine the appropriate disposition for the consumer. Documentation is promptly returned via secure electronic transmission immediately following each encounter. InSight providers can serve as a consultant to the emergency room physicians or have the ability to prescribe medication directly.

InSight’s Hospital-Based Services

On-demand Telepsychiatry: InSight’s on-demand telepsychiatry services providers are available to evaluate consumers within one hour of a request on average. In order to access a telepsychiatrist, partner support staff calls InSight’s internal Access Center to give preliminary demographic and clinical information to a live representative. The Access Center representative then links the onsite staff with the appropriate telepsychiatrist who conducts a face-to-face interview with the consumer via video-conferencing. After the psychiatric exam, the provider collaborates with onsite resources to jointly determine appropriate disposition. By enabling psychiatric evaluations to be done by the highest level of professional available, InSight’s services help every consumer receive the least restrictive and most appropriate level of care. Documentation is promptly returned to the hospital via secure electronic transmission immediately following each encounter. InSight crisis providers can serve as a consultant or prescribe medication directly.

Inpatient Telepsychiatry: InSight’s telepsychiatry services can be used to support an inpatient medical setting for weekend rounding, crisis response, or after-hours admission services. A designated InSight telepsychiatrist will integrate into the onsite system of care in order to expand the facility’s psychiatric capacity.

Telephone Consults, Questions and Orders: Not all encounters with the telepsychiatrists require the initiation of a video link. InSight’s telepsychiatrists are available 24/7 for phone consultations with physicians, nurses, social workers, and case managers. These phone consultations can be used to help onsite professionals effectively manage the care of behavioral health consumers as well as to reduce the cost of telepsychiatry services by decreasing the number of video-conferencing evaluations. 

ED Rounding for Follow-Up Care: InSight’s telepsychiatry services can supplement a facility’s behavioral health capacity by providing follow-up psychiatric consultations to consumers who have already been seen via video-conferencing but who are still awaiting placement. These services can be provided during designated time periods each day or can be requested as needed with a 4-hour response time.

Urgent Services: InSight can serve medical or surgical floors as a consultation services to hospitalists or other physicians. Under this model, InSight telepsychiatrists consult via phone and video with charge nurses, attending physicians, and other staff to provide expertise on the behavioral health concerns of medical patients throughout the hospital. Telepsychiatrists are also available to directly interview and assess consumers via video, much like a traditional STAT psych consult. These encounters typically occur within 4 hours of a request.

Additional Telehealth Services: As a recognized thought leader and strong policy influencer in the telemental health arena, InSight’s leadership has had the opportunity to form strong operational relationships with telemedicine providers of various disciplines. These relationships could be of significant value if a partner wished to expand their telemedicine program beyond behavioral health. With a similar organizational philosophy and complementary operational structure to other telemedicine disciplines, InSight is capable of integrating telepsychiatry services within the service profiles of several other strategic partners.