Telepsychiatry for Hospitals

hospital telepsychiatry InSight specializes in hospital-based telepsychiatry. InSight’s services aim at finding the most appropriate and least restrictive level of care for every consumer presenting in crisis. The goals of InSight’s services include:

  • Lower Inappropriate Admissions
  • Reduce Length of Stays
  • Decrease 1:1 Evaluations
  • Reduce Risks and Liability
  • Increase Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Improved ED Throughput
  • Improve Consumer Satisfaction

InSight’s Hospital-Based Services

On-demand Telepsychiatry: InSight’s on-demand telepsychiatry services providers are available to evaluate consumers as needed. After connecting for a video session via AccessInSight and preforming a psychiatric exam, the remote provider collaborates with onsite resources to jointly determine appropriate disposition. Documentation is promptly returned to the hospital. InSight on-demand providers can serve as a consultant or prescribe medication directly. For consumers who have already been seen via videoconferencing but are still awaiting placement, our providers can provide follow-up psychiatric consultations. These services can be provided during designated time periods each day or can be requested as needed with a set response time.

Inpatient Telepsychiatry: InSight’s telepsychiatry services can be used to support an inpatient medical setting for weekend rounding, on-demand response or after-hours admission services. InSight telepsychiatry providers integrate into the onsite system of care to expand the facility’s psychiatric capacity.

Telepsychiatry for Med/Surg Floors: InSight can serve medical or surgical floors as a 24/7 phone or video consultation service to hospitalists or other physicians to provide expertise on the behavioral health concerns of medical patients throughout the hospital. Telepsychiatry providers are also available to directly interview and assess consumers via video.

Telepsychiatry in the Community: Telepsychiatry represents unprecedented care for underserved communities and enables individuals to have access to quality, timely behavioral health care even outside of the hospital setting. By implementing telepsychiatry in community settings such as mental health centers, primary care offices and inhome care, individuals have avenues to recieve preventative and follow-up care that reduce readmissions and eliminate care silos. InSight’s direct-to-consumer platform Inpathy can also be a great referral option for individuals moving from the hospital to community-based care or a home environment.