Inpathy Gets a Makeover – New Website Makes it Easier to Get Online Psychiatry and Therapy Anytime, Anywhere

WASHINGTON, DC (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 20, 2017 – Inpathy has launched a new look for its website, Inpathy is dedicated to making it easy for people to get access to psychiatric, behavioral and mental health care through convenient, online video calls. Inpathy is the newest division of InSight Telepsychiatry, the leading national telepsychiatry service provider organization with nearly two decades of experience delivering online behavioral health care safely and securely.

While InSight’s other divisions bring psychiatrists and mental health providers to community-based facilities and organizations through telehealth, Inpathy uniquely brings life-changing behavioral care directly into people’s home or any other private place. While the website makes it easy for people to self-direct themselves, Inpathy also has a team of care navigators for users to call or email if they would like the extra assistance finding and connecting with a provider.

Online Sessions Make Care Convenient

“Inpathy allows me to help people who have mobility issues, anxiety around commuting or those who just don’t have the time to get to their in-person appointments,” says Jeanine Miles, a New Jersey licensed professional counselor.

There are many reasons people prefer online therapy and psychiatry services.

  • It’s convenient: Be seen when and where it works for you without the hassle of taking time off work or sitting in waiting rooms. Inpathy providers often have next-day appointments and are available evenings and weekends.
  • It provides options: Find the right provider who fits your needs and preferences — whether or not they live in your community. Access licensed counselors, therapists and psychiatry providers who are licensed in your state.
  • It’s safe and secure: Unlike Skype or FaceTime, our technology is HIPAA-compliant and protects your personal information.
  • It’s completely private: Your session on Inpathy is strictly confidential. Inpathy sessions are never recorded and you have control over whether you invite family or friends to join your online video call.
  • It’s easy to use: Inpathy works on any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet and a webcam. Plus, we offer 24/7 support for tech issues, test calls and troubleshooting.
  • It’s flexible to schedule: Weekdays a no-go? Need to do a session after the kids go to bed? No problem. Appointments are available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. — and it often only takes a few days from your request before you can meet with a provider.
  • It’s effective: Numerous studies have also shown that it is highly effective as a form of treatment and sometimes more effective than traditional in-person care.

According to Dr. Varrell, Medical Director of Inpathy and a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has been doing video sessions with people for the past 18 years, “Many people, especially children, are able to talk to me more easily through televideo than in person. Online care is more comfortable, less intimidating and it removes some of the power dynamics so people are more likely to open up more quickly than in-person care.”
Insurance companies and employers are also recognizing the advantages of online care and are starting to include services like Inpathy as a benefit.

Referring to Online Psychiatry and Therapy Saves Time and Money

In addition to convenience for individuals seeking care, Inpathy also acts as a non-traditional resource for health care providers or organizations that would like to use it as a referral option.

In a recent webinar on expanding referral options through online psychiatry, Inpathy’s Practice Liaison, Anne Marie Jones, explains its benefits: “With a network of over 300 behavioral health care providers, Inpathy can help reduce opportunity costs in terms of time, transportation and absenteeism.”

The New Inpathy Website

The Inpathy new website is a resource for people who want to connect with licensed professional therapists, counselors and psychiatry providers. It offers:

  • Online assessments
  • Information on the types of behavioral health care providers and the services they offer
  • Explanations on how to sign up, find a provider and book a session
  • A searchable directory of providers who offer online sessions
  • Access to care navigators who can answer questions and help you sign up
  • 24/7 technical support

“We wanted this new website to be helpful for people seeking care and give them hope that receiving behavioral health care doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal every time they meet with their provider. It can be as easy as a Skype call and as private as online banking,” says Olivia Boyce, InSight’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

Inpathy services are available is most states. Inpathy has its largest provider and insurance networks in California, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Missouri.

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