Inpathy is an online network and platform for connecting individuals with behavioral health providers, including psychiatric prescribers. Individuals can use Inpathy to easily connect to providers from the comfort and convenience of their own homes or other private spaces. Visit the Inpathy website to learn more.

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For Consumers


Inpathy allows individuals to receive telebehavioral health services where it’s convenient for them. Inpathy sessions are available during days, nights and weekends from all levels of behavioral health professionals. Users can access Inpathy sessions from homes, dorm rooms, offices or other private spaces, making care more convenient and accessible than ever before. All someone needs to see a provider on Inpathy’s secure, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform is a smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam. Inpathy services are available through select insurance companies, employers and directly to interested individuals.

Individuals can search the Inpathy provider directory, select a provider that is the right for them and connect for a secure and convenient online appointment.

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For Providers


All levels of behavioral health professionals can see individuals via telehealth through Inpathy. Inpathy is an excellent way for providers to dip their toes in the water with telehealth.

Providers have two main options for seeing consumers via Inpathy.

1. The Inpathy Virtual Group Practice

The Inpathy Virtual Group Practice (Inpathy VGP) is the nation’s first full behavioral health clinic operated entirely online. Inpathy VGP providers work from home and see consumers through secure videoconferencing while being fully supported by a remote clinical, administrative, business development and technological support team. Inpathy VGP providers serve national and regional contracts with health plans and employers and receive guaranteed set compensation for each online session. Inpathy VGP providers set a monthly, flexible schedule for their online sessions and are able to offer night and weekend appointments. Inpathy VGP opportunities are available in select states.

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2. The Inpathy Virtual Private Practice

By opening an Inpathy Virtual Private Practice, providers can grow their own telebehavioral health practice online from your home or office. Inpathy private practice providers are totally independent and can set their own rates and schedule. Inpathy offers a full practice management toolkit, technical support and resources on best practices for telebehavioral health.

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Psychiatric prescribers may mix and match opportunities of interest with InSight, Inpathy VGP, Inpathy private practice and the CFG Health Network.

For Partners


InSight partners with insurance companies, EAPs and other organizations or practices to offer Inpathy telebehavioral health services directly to consumers.

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