Now Hiring!

Internship opportunities at InSight Telepsychiatry are now available. Browse InSight’s opportunities and apply for an internship today!

Marketing and Communications Ambassador

InSight Telepsychiatry is looking for an ambassador to remotely support and collaborate with the marketing and communications department based in Washington, DC. This program suits an ambitious individual with an interest in behavioral health care, and will allow the ambassador to contribute to a variety of marketing and communications strategies including blog management and outreach (Inpathy Bulletin), social media strategy, SEO monitoring and digital advertising. Apply here.

Summer Internships

InSight Telepsychiatry is looking for ambitious and entrepreneurially-minded individuals who have an interest in working with a rapidly growing telehealth organization. InSight’s interns will collaborate with a national team of colleagues and gain valuable work experience. Interns will work on business development, talent administration or operational projects that will vary based on candidate skills and department needs. This position is paid and course credit is available. Apply here.