Medical Affairs

InSight Telepsychiatry Internal Opperations - Derek Jamieson

Derek Jamieson
Project Manager, Medical Affairs

As a Project Manager, Derek will be focused on designing, developing, and implementing a customized medical affairs department, which will leverage technology and partnerships to adapt to the most current and developing industry best practices. Derek spent several years working as a Licensed Professional Counselor before being drawn to healthcare administration. Derek has recently completed his MBA with a specialization in finance and has a background in healthcare project management and process improvement.


Diane Phelan
Licensing Coordinator

Diane Phelan has worked with CFG and InSight since 2013. She enjoys the day-to-day challenges she encounters in her work. She has over 25 years of administrative experience and has worked in pharmaceutical company, government and hospital settings. In her spare time she enjoys walking, reading and spending time with her family.





Bryanna Wolstenholme, Medical Affairs, Credentialing Assistant

Bryanna Wolstenholme
Credentialing Assistant

As a credentialing assistant with InSight, Wolstenholme works with behavioral health providers nationwide to assist with licensure and credentialing processes in new states and at new facilities. She is currently studying to take the MCAT to attend Medical School, in hopes of becoming a medical examiner. She has previously worked as a crime scene investigation intern as well as a certified pharmacy technician. Wolstenholme received her BS in Forensic Science from Palm Beach Atlantic University.



Elizabeth Billek
Medical Affairs Clerk

Elizabeth Billek joined InSight in January 2018. In her role as medical affairs clerk, Billek is largely responsible for updating provider-credentialing files to maintain quality and deliver an excellent customer service experience for our providers and our partner organizations. She comes to InSight with previous experience in credentialing and working with a remote team. Billek has Bachelor’s degree in business studies, with a focus on project management and operations.


Lynne O’Dell
Enrollment Coordinator

Lynne O’Dell joined InSight in May 2018 as an enrollment coordinator. In her role, O’Dell is responsible for preparing, submitting and tracking credentialing applications and supporting documentation for the purpose of enrolling providers with payers. She comes to InSight with previous experience with credentialing and provider relations.



Aimee Weeks
Credentialing Coordinator

Aimee Weeks joined InSight in May 2018 as an credentialing coordinator. In her role, Weeks is responsible for leading, coordinating, monitoring and maintaining the credentialing and re-credentialing process. She comes to InSight with previous credentialing experience, and believes in the importance of being a strong administrative backbone for those who work on the front lines of patient care every day.


Courtney Ebling
Credentialing Coordinator

As a credentialing coordinator, Courtney is responsible for leading, coordinating, monitoring and maintaining the credentialing and re-credentialing process. She assists with functions related to provider licensing, payer enrollment, facility privileging, initial appointment, reappointment, expirable documents and more. Courtney comes to InSight with a strong background in the behavioral health field and is a licensed mental health counselor.