Telepsychiatry Equipment

Basic Televideo Equipment

outpatient telepsychMost facilities with routine telepsychiatry programs benefit from a dedicated videoconferencing unit that is hardwired into a designated telemedicine office or small conference room.  These systems typically include a camera mounted atop a mid-sized monitor that may be remotely controlled by the telepsychiatrist. While a staff member will need to activate the equipment and facilitate an introduction between the consumer and the remote clinician, it is normally not necessary for that staff member to remain in the room during a routine encounter.

Advanced Televideo Equipment

hospital telepsychiatry cartMost hospitals will require a mobile televideo equipment setup that can be mounted to an IV pole or rolling cart so that the video unit and the telepsychiatrists will effectively be brought to the patient within the emergency room or stall.  Depending on the technical capabilities and infrastructure of the hospital, these systems may be set up to operate wirelessly or be configured to be physically plugged in prior to the encounter.  For emergency telepsychiatry evaluations, onsite staff such as a nurse, social worker, or mental health tech must be available to initiate the televideo interview and should remain with the consumer throughout the interview.  As the interview concludes, the telepsychiatrist will communicate directly with the onsite staff to collaboratively discuss disposition and next steps.

Online Platform

Inpathy man with no gray boxIn addition to being able to integrate with any standards based televideo equipment, InSight is pleased to offer Inpathy, a new online tool for connecting your facility to remote providers using standard computers. With Inpathy your organization has an easy and affordable medium to connect with your designated providers. Inpathy connects consumers at your facility to their designated telepsychiatry providers through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.