The Inpathy Bulletin

The Inpathy Bulletin is a wellness blog dedicated to helping people deal with the stress, challenges and questions of everyday life.

We all face challenges in our day-to-day life. The Inpathy Bulletin is a place to discuss those issues, share advice and find support

With roots in the behavioral healthcare industry, the Inpathy Bulletin offers a frank, relatable perspective on the things on your mind.

From everyday issues like relationships and romance to the more serious stuff, like when someone you love may have a substance abuse problem, the Inpathy Bulletin has resources for everyone. The Inpathy Bulletin also works as a news source for the latest in behavioral health legislation and policy.

The Inpathy Bulletin was developed with the idea that people are responsible for their own health and wellness. From tips on dealing with job rejection to making sure your children’s behavioral health needs are met, the Inpathy Bulletin is a well-rounded resource for making strong, informed choices about your own and your family’s health and wellness.

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