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Satisfaction with Telebehavioral Health


Telebehavioral health increases access to behavioral and mental health care services. It is an effective, reliable and satisfactory supplement to in-person care. A large portion of the dozens of studies that have researched telepsychiatry and telebehavioral health have measured effectiveness and satisfaction with telebehavioral health. Most have indicated that telebehavioral health is effective and that individuals receiving telebehavioral health services are satisfied with the care they receive. This sample of studies demonstrates how widespread satisfaction with telebehavioral health truly is.

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Telepsychiatry 101 | What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know

telepsychiatry 101

Telepsychiatry is a proven medium for increasing psychiatric capacity at single facilities and across entire systems. Through telemedicine, your organization can access psychiatric coverage without the recruiting, logistical and financial burdens that the onsite provision of those services would require. This white paper covers everything organizations implementing telebehavioral health need to know to make the most of this exciting development in health care service delivery.

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Telepsychiatry Leader Predicts Major Industry Changes

telepsychiatry leader predicts

Telepsychiatry, or psychiatric care provided through real-time videoconferencing, is a widely used medium for bringing psychiatric care into locations with limited access to mental health professionals. Telepsychiatry is allowing individuals to access behavioral health services like never before.

In this white paper, telebehavioral health leader James R. Varrell, M.D. details exciting developments he foresees for the telepsychiatry industry.

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Telepsychiatry for ACOs and Large Health Systems | White Paper

telepsychiatry for aco and large health systems

Telepsychiatry is a proven medium for increasing psychiatric capacity at single facilities and across entire health systems. This white paper will discuss strategies for implementing system-wide telepsychiatry programs that help to keep individuals out of the hospital emergency departments and help reduce re-admissions for those who do end up there.

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