Telepsychiatry for Universities and Schools

university-based telepsychiatry A university can purchase regularly scheduled blocks of time with a designated InSight provider or team of providers. At the time of an appointment, students log in to Inpathy and use the videoconferencing client to have a session with their remote provider. Universities utilizing this model generally have students conduct their appointments from designated computers in the health or counseling center. This option allows a university to use telemedicine to supplement their clinical team with additional behavioral health providers and even prescribers if needed. InPathy can provide universities with psychiatrists, NPs, psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers or life coaches and more without having to recruit and retain those providers on staff. Supplementing overstretched behavioral health staff with telemedicine is a popular concept in other behavioral health settings- however the cost of equipment had often been prohibitive to universities. University telebehavioral health with the Inpathy platform requires only a computer with a strong internet connection and a webcam- no other technology need be purchased or acquired.

The other way universities utilize Inpathy is to offer students access to the university’s list of designated remote providers from anywhere that is convenient. This means that students can use Inpathy to select and schedule an appointment with the provider of their choice during any available window. Students can then login for their appointments from their dorm room, home or another private space. InSight recommends this model for students who will primarily be doing counseling and therapy and who do not need supervision or onsite supplemental care. This model allows for students to remain connected to their providers during breaks and semesters abroad, which allows for consistency of care.