Access Center Services


All televideo encounters are managed and processed by InSight + Regroup’s internal 24/7 Access Center using a proprietary system designed for on-demand telepsychiatry called AccessInSight.

The Access Center serves at the gateway to all of InSight + Regroup’s telepsychiatry providers and is tasked with the following:

  • Acts as the centralized and primary point of contact to initiate each encounter
  • Gathers pertinent demographic and clinical information
  • Connects the site with the appropriate telepsychiatry provider for the encounter
  • Acts as the conduit for all documentation and ensure complete, timely and accurate paperwork
  • Provides the first line of technical troubleshooting, escalated to InSight + Regroup’s IT support if necessary
  • Logs each telepsychiatry encounter within a database and provides monthly reports

Through the Access Center, there is immediate access to a live respondent who will manage the encounter from start to finish; ensuring that the consumer’s needs are met and organization’s goals are accomplished.