As a pioneer and widely recognized thought leader in the field of telepsychiatry, InSight + Regroup’s leadership has had significant impact on enabling the successful implementation of telepsychiatry services in many of the states we serve.  InSight + Regroup has a history of working cooperatively with its partners, payers and regulatory bodies to ensure that telepsychiatry provides a beneficial and sustainable solution for all parties involved. We have successfully worked through legal matters with the Office of the Attorney General and regulatory issues with the Division of Mental Health and the Department of Health & Human Services in multiple states. In addition to providing telepsychiatry services, InSight + Regroup strives to be an active advocate for the appropriate use of telepsychiatry. Members of the InSight + Regroup team have presented on telepsychiatry at the American Psychiatric Association, the American Telemedicine Association, the National Rural Health Association, numerous grand rounds presentations and many other regional and state conferences and events.