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Supporting Black Voices

Over the last week racial events have triggered raw emotion across the country. At InSight + Regroup we have zero tolerance for injustice, discrimination or racism. We take a stand for removing the structural barriers that impact Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Systemic racism exists within the healthcare system… read more

Telemedicine Licensure Gives Doctors a Chance to Expand Their Reach

Originally posted on mHealth Intelligence To Dr. Bruce Miewald, telemedicine licensure isn’t a means to acquire more patients and do more business. It’s an opportunity to reach out and help people in other parts of the country who need his expertise. The Coeur D’Alene, Idaho-based physician who specializes in child… read more

The Psychiatry Shortage in Virginia

HOW TELEPSYCHIATRY CAN HELP Due to trends in mental health advocacy and growing clinical evidence, people are increasingly recognizing the benefits of psychiatry and behavioral health care. For example, a 2012 study published in Contingencies measured the cost of a single employee’s depression over a two-year period prior to that… read more

New Jersey Changes Commitment Law to Allow Electronic Signatures—A Change that Further Facilitates Appropriate Use of Telepsychiatry within the State

MARLTON, NJ (PRWEB) OCTOBER 31, 2012 – Telemedicine is an ever-increasing trend in the medical field. New Jersey-based healthcare company the CFG Health Network is well-known for its innovation in the telehealth field including its successful telepsychiatry branch, InSight Telepsychiatry. Despite the increase in telemedicine’s acceptance and usage throughout New Jersey… read more

Telepsychiatry for Georgia Hospitals

It has been reported that patients with behavioral health issues are one of the largest contributors to emergency department overcrowding and patient boarding, resulting in prolonged patient wait times, delayed care, adverse outcomes and negative financial impacts. Telepsychiatry is increasingly being utilized as part of the solution to the management… read more

Using your InSight Email

Step by step guidelines for using your InSight email address. Have questions? Contact Linda Woodcock. Using Email for InSight  

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Account Executives

InSight Account Executives are geographically based in local markets and function with high levels of independence. Incentives will be largely based on commissions for closed sales, though an average wage and benefits package are guaranteed. A background in healthcare sales, pharmaceutical, sales or medical device sales is required, and experience… read more

Scheduled Telepsychiatry Positions

InSight’s scheduled telepsychiatrists work regularly scheduled hours and build lasting relationships with a consistent patient base. Scheduled telepsychiatrists work with diverse consumers who often would not receive psychiatric care without telepsychiatry. Scheduled telepsychiatrists work with onsite professionals to fully integrate behavioral health into the larger system of care of the facility and the… read more