Michael Trumbo

Chief Information Officer As the Chief Information Officer for InSight, Michael Trumbo oversees Insight’s product and business systems teams. He is responsible for aligning technological goals with organizational strategy and creating and executing an IT roadmap to help support InSight’s mission and position the organization for continued growth and success…. read more

Paul Olson

Chief Operations Officer As the Chief Financial Officer for InSight, Paul Olson brings with him nearly two decades of experience in advising healthcare organizations in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions and corporate finance. He is passionate about supporting the behavioral health community and serves on the Board of Directors… read more

Shawn Ball

Chief Operations Officer As the Chief Operating Officer for InSight, Shawn Ball oversees InSight’s external operations, internal operations, human resources and talent teams. Ball has extensive experience in the telepsychiatry industry, strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, change management and account management. He has a strong ability to lead strategic… read more

Geoffrey Boyce

Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Boyce is the CEO of InSight + Regroup, the leading telepsychiatry service provider in the United States with a mission to transform access to quality behavioral health care. Boyce is a leader in telemedicine advocacy, education and reform initiatives. He serves as a national voice promoting… read more