Celebrating 20 Years of Telepsychiatry
As InSight celebrates its 20th year of providing telepsychiatry services, we remain committed to our mission to improve access to quality behavioral health care. Over the past two decades, InSight has played a leading role in helping to shape the field, define the standard of care and advocate for improved regulations.

We’ve experienced exciting times of growth and advancement and made it through some growing pains along the way. Today, we remain singularly focused on our goal to transform access to care. The shortage of specialists coupled with rising awareness of and demand for behavioral health care services, underscores the importance of our mission and drives us to continue to find new and innovative ways to increase access and improve care delivery for underserved populations.

The InSight Team feels a sense of pride as we consider how mainstream the use of telemedicine has become, and how many lives have been impacted by the explosive growth of telepsychiatry. As telepsychiatry continues to become more widely accepted and used across the continuum of care, InSight will continue to lead the way in innovation, seeking novel solutions and applications of technology to expand access to care.

In the not too distant future, we will likely see tremendous advancements that leverage technology to engage, identify, diagnose, treat, and improve outcomes of patients with behavioral health disorders. InSight is uniquely positioned to harness these technical advancements because of the people and the experiences that have led us to where we are today.

The milestones we have reached, the barriers we have overcome, and the accomplishments we have realized over the past 20 years are truly incredible. As we look ahead, we will continue to reimagine and revolutionize behavioral health and set the standard for telepsychiatry care in 2020 and beyond.

Evolution of Telemedicine and Predictions for the Future

As InSight celebrates 20 years of providing telepsychiatry services, we look back at where the telemedicine industry has been and ahead in the direction of where the industry is going.

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Changes in the Regulatory Landscape

For the past 20 years, InSight has been a leading expert in the industry due to the early recognition that telehealth friendly federal and state regulations would be key determinants of the success of the field.

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Dr. James Varrell

Organization History

In the late 1990s, founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jim Varrell, recognized the need for better access to behavioral health care as the growing demand for services threatened to overwhelm local resources while the number and access to specialists continued to decline. He resolved to solve the problem through innovative applications of technology, at a time when technology was far from mainstream and conducted the nation’s first telepsychiatry evaluation for an involuntary commitment. This represented a revolutionary advancement in the delivery of care and the advent of InSight Telepsychiatry as we know it today.

InSight Telepsychiatry was founded in 2008 after providing services for over a decade as a component of Center for Family Guidance, PC and its sister company CFG Health Systems, LLC, currently part of CFG Health Network.

In 2015, InSight launched its Inpathy division, an online telebehavioral health network and platform that allows consumers to receive behavioral health services from the comfort of their own home and other private spaces.

Today, InSight is the largest telepsychiatry service provider organization in the country and serves organizations and individuals at all levels across the care continuum.



InSight Historical Timeline