Chief Medical Officer of InSight Presents during American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meeting

James Varrell, MD, Chief Medical Officer of InSight Telepsychiatry, was invited to present as part of a telepsychiatry workshop during the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s (AACAP) 66th Annual Meeting held in Chicago, IL from October 14-19.

Dr. Varrell is a board certified psychiatrist with a specialty in autism. He has been at the forefront of telepsychiatry and continues to educate the medical community regarding the benefits of telepsychiatry through various presentations and forums. Dr. Varrell performed the nation’s first involuntary psychiatric commitment via a televideo unit in 1999. Today, he regularly performs telepsychiatry evaluations and manages a staff of telepsychiatrists who see and treat patients across the nation.

This workshop, “Telepsychiatry: Getting Going and Staying in the Game,” shared best practices in telepsychiatry with children, adolescents and their families across sites, populations, healthcare landscapes and clinical practice. Topics covered during the workshop included:

  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Financial aspects
  • Technology
  • Finding partners and sites for practice
  • Public and private sector telepsychiatry
  • Models of care
  • Establishing a telepsychiatry space
  • Developing an authentic doctor-patient relationship via telepsychiatry
  • Training and competencies
  • Special issues related to culture, community and ethics

The chairs of this workshop were Kathleen Myers, MD, MPH from the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital and David Pruitt, MD from the University of Maryland. Other co-presenters included Patricio Fischman, MD (Yale Child Study Center), Deepika Shaligram, MD (Boston Children’s Hospital), Shabana Khan, MD (Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital), Daniel Alicata, MD (University of Hawaii), Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MBA, MPE (Nationwide Children’s Hospital), Jennifer McWilliams, MD (Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Omaha), Lloyda Broomes Williamson, MD (Mejarry Medical College), Deborah M. Brooks, MD (University of Maryland). Sarah M. Edwards, DO (University of Maryland), Taryn Park, MD (University of Hawaii), Felissa Goldstein, MD (Lee Specialty Clinic), and Amanda Schroepfer O’Kelly, MD (University of Hawaii-Manoa).

Workshop attendees included early career and established providers, mental health agencies, training program representatives and program developers interested in integrating telepsychiatry into clinical care.

AACAP’s 66th Annual Meeting is the world’s largest meeting for child and adolescent psychiatrists and others interested in children’s mental health. The mission of AACAP is to promote the healthy development of children, adolescents and families through advocacy, education and research, and to meet the professional needs of child and adolescent psychiatrists throughout their careers.

About InSight Telepsychiatry

InSight is the leading national telepsychiatry service provider organization with a mission to increase access to quality behavioral health care through innovative applications of technology. InSight has over two decades of telepsychiatry experience and serves hundreds of organizations across the country with its on-demand, scheduled services and Inpathy divisions. InSight is uniquely positioned to offer scalable telepsychiatry services in settings across the continuum of care. InSight has a diverse team of psychiatry providers, a robust internal infrastructure and a history of adapting its programs to fit the needs of a variety of different settings and populations. InSight has led the growth of the telepsychiatry industry and remains an industry thought leader and advocate. To learn more about telepsychiatry and how it can benefit you or your organization, visit