Telepsychiatry for Correctional Settings

correctional facility

InSight + Regroup’s services are well suited to address the needs of correctional facilities for scheduled care, medication management and immediate responses in times of psychiatric crisis.  Correctional institutions seek ways to increase efficiency and lower costs while still providing high quality care, and telepsychiatry reduces transportation and supervision costs by providing timely psychiatric care and evaluation onsite.

With on-demand telepsychiatry, correctional facilities can have 24-hour coverage and access to psychiatric treatment within an hour on average. Telepsychiatry allows organizations to be prepared for psychiatric crisis and address issues onsite. Inmates receive rapid care in a secure and familiar environment. Scheduled telepsychiatry services ensure individuals who are at risk of future escalation and psychiatric emergencies receive routine psychiatric care. By enabling regular medication management, telepsychiatry can ultimately reduce the number of inmates on medication while cutting the amount spent on pharmaceuticals for those who truly need it.

Telepsychiatry represents access to corrections-specific psychiatry providers who are sensitive to the nuances of treating offenders while maintaining adherence to a strict formulary.