Scott Baker
Director of Business Innovations

Scott Baker, MBA works to expand access to behavioral health care by building relationships with partners in new geographic and programmatic areas. In his role, Baker works closely with insurance payers, healthcare service organizations, managed care companies, EAPs and other organizations to develop successful telebehavioral health programs and partnerships. Baker has worked in the telebehavioral health space since 2011 and focuses his attention on identifying and innovating the latest opportunities for expanding access to care. Baker frequently shares telebehavioral health best practices at speaking engagements throughout the United States.

Richard FieldRichard Field
Senior Account Executive

As InSight’s Western U.S. Account Executive, Richard K. Field is committed to bringing appropriate and compassionate telepsychiatry services to the region. Richard has spent much of his career developing and launching new health care models and innovative technologies that improve the health of populations around the globe. He has worked with payers, providers and consumers world-wide while developing and launching medical second opinion, telemedicine, teleradiology, continuing medical education and medical tourism services. Additionally, he has designed and launched capitated health plans and cloud based health management tools. Richard received his B.S. in Biology at Cornell University, and his MBA double major in Finance and International Management from New York University’s Stern School.

Dan KhebzouDan Khebzou
Lead Account Executive

As an Account Executive with InSight Telepsychiatry, Dan Khebzou brings over four years of outside sales and marketing experience to our team.  Previously in his career he had success in the Health Insurance industry helping organizations and individuals find health benefit options to fit their needs. Since joining InSight, Khebzou has been primarily involved with business development but has also worked on marketing initiatives, research and strategy development, and CRM System design and management. He believes integrity and a high level of customer service is the key to building and maintaining effective relationships.

Aaron LawlerAaron Lawler
Account Executive

As the Mid-Atlantic Account Executive for InSight, Aaron Lawler builds and maintains relationships with partners in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Lawler works to understand the behavioral health needs of organizations in his region, then evaluates to see where telepsychiatry can be part of the solution.  As an Account Executive, Lawler collaborates with partners to design and implement long-lasting successful programs. Lawler has background in psychology and six years of experience working in business relationships and admissions for his alma mater, Liberty University.

Mariah SwinsonMariah Swinson
Sales Administrator

As a Sales Administrator for InSight, Mariah Swinson contributes to the quality of customer service and the achievement of sales targets. She is responsible for overseeing all functions related to sales and helps improve the productivity of field sales executives by assisting with data review, analysis and reporting. Mariah holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University. Along with her academic experience, Mariah joins InSight with a background in office management, healthcare sales and operations.