Why Choose InSight Telepsychiatry?

20+ Years of Telepsychiatry Experience
The InSight team has been providing telepsychiatry services in a variety of settings and with consumers across all populations since 1999. InSight has led the growth of the telepsychiatry industry and learned a number of lessons along the way.

Largest Private Telepsychiatry Organization
The InSight team is rapidly growing and proudly serves hundreds of organizations of all sizes across the country. Our team currently employs several hundred psychiatric prescribers with specialties across the gamut. In 2016, InSight telepsychiatry providers conducted close to 200,000 encounters via telepsychiatry.

Programs Delivering Care Across the Spectrum
InSight is uniquely positioned to offer telebehavioral health services in settings across the spectrum of care and has experience creating and implementing telepsychiatry programs in nearly every possible setting.

The Top Telepsychiatry Providers
InSight’s providers come from a national pool of excellent candidates and go through a rigorous vetting and training process before beginning to practice telepsychiatry. InSight providers are overseen by InSight’s team of clinical leaders and supported by ongoing continued education and engagement support teams.

Superior Infrastructure
InSight has unmatched internal technical and administrative infrastructure backing each of its programs. Our AccessInSight and Inpathy platforms are exclusively designed for InSight based on our operational best practices.

Quality Care
InSight is dedicated to providing high quality care and has a robust quality assurance program to ensure our partners are satisfied with InSight’s clinical and administrative services. Our quality assurance program is also a great tool for tracking program-related metrics.

Roots in Onsite Services
InSight has roots in the CFG Health Network, an organization that delivers behavioral health services in outpatient offices, hospitals, inpatient units, residential programs, correctional facilities and school-based programs. Understanding how these settings operate influences InSight’s standards for remote care.

Commitment to Long-Term Partner & Provider Matches
InSight strives to make appropriate matches between our partners and the providers who serve them so that everyone feels good about the relationship and the program is set to succeed.

Active Telepsychiatry Advocates and Experts
The InSight team is committed to the growth of appropriate, clinically sound telepsychiatry and has worked with regulatory bodies and political leaders to help write and enact telepsychiatry policies and laws across the country. InSight also believes in sharing information that enables others to succeed at telepsychiatry so members of the InSight team regularly publish and speak on telepsychiatry topics.