Online Therapy and Psychiatry Appointments

There are many reasons people prefer online therapy and/or psychiatry services.

1.  Convenience

It makes it easy to be seen when and where it works for you without the hassle of taking time off work or sitting in waiting rooms. Many online therapy and psychiatry providers have next-day appointments available and are available evenings and weekends.

For people who struggle to leave their home or find transportation, online care can often be a really important way to actually get the care they need.

2. More Provider Options

You can find the right provider who fits your needs and preferences — whether or not they live in your community. Online care makes it possible to access licensed counselors, therapists and psychiatry providers who are licensed in your state.

This means that you can choose from all specialty providers who are licensed in your state instead of settling with the one who is nearest to you. It not only eliminates lengthy commutes, but improves the quality of your treatment.

3.  Safety and Security

Unlike Skype or FaceTime, most online therapy and/or psychiatry platforms are HIPAA-compliant and protect your personal information.

What does this mean? It means that your chosen telepsychiatry organization has ensured your personal health information will be kept privet by securing business associate agreements with our data center, any external vendors and each of their providers or clients to guarantee any sensitive information generated on the site is secured to HIPAA standards.

Most telepsychiatry organizations have policies and procedures that include the administrative, technical and physical safeguards required for the security of protected health information when using electronic health information technology. Our staff is trained on HIPAA standards and conduct annual risk assessments to ensure continuing compliance.

4.  Complete Privacy

All credible, HIPPA-compliant telepsychiatry platforms make sure that your session is strictly confidential. This usually means that sessions are not recorded and you have control over whether you invite family or friends to join your online video call.

For people who fear running into someone they know in waiting rooms, this is a good way to avoid any awkward situation. Of course, mental health care is normal and we encourage people to not feel embarrassed by potential encounters.

5.  Easy to Use

A good telepsychiatry platforms should work on any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet and a webcam. When choosing your online therapy or psychiatry provider, it is important to note whether or not they offer 24/7 support for tech issues, test calls and troubleshooting.

For people who struggle with technology, the tech support offered by a telepsychiatry provider can make a huge difference in your experience. Most people who get nervous with technology will find that test calls and care navigation will make a huge difference in their online experience.

6.  Flexible Scheduling

Weekdays a no-go? Need to do a session after the kids go to bed? With online care, this is usually not a problem. Most online therapy and psychiatry providers offer appointments in early mornings, in evenings or on weekends.

Because providers don’t have to commute to an office, they are often more willing to be flexible with when they offer appointments. Additionally, some providers are licensed in multiple states. This means that they can work 9am-5pm in their time zone, but be offering care to you from 12pm-8pm or from 6am-2pm in your time zone.


If you are looking for an online psychiatry or therapy provider, consider Inpathy. Inpathy is the direct-to-consumer division of InSight + Regroup and is dedicated to revolutionizing how people can access care. We have a team of care navigators and tech support specialists who communicate with you and get to know you. They work day in and out to make sure your experience with Inpathy is a good one.