Educating Patients on Telepsychiatry

Educating your patient population on the validity of telepsychiatry is essential to wide scale adoption at your organization. Below are some helpful tips to assist with patient education.

  • Patients should know that:
    • Telepsychiatry is mental and behavioral health care delivered through a HIPAA-compliant video platform in a secure, private place
    • Telepsychiatry sessions are never recorded
    • Telepsychiatry services have been proven to be as safe and effective as in-person services
    • Telepsychiatry providers are experts in their field just like their onsite counterparts and receive specialized training to provide quality care through videoconferencing
    • Telepsychiatry is always optional

Onsite facilitators should consider that:

  • They must get informed consent from patients for a telepsychiatry session
  • Education is a key component to keeping patients satisfied and increasing the remote providers’ ability to achieve a positive clinical outcomes
  • Onsite staff should always be on hand to assist with appointments, room setup, technology and any other operational issues that may arise before, during or after a telepsychiatry encounter