Promoting your Telepsychiatry Program

Making the choice to implement a telepsychiatry program at your organization is a critical step towards increasing access to high quality behavioral healthcare and deserves to be showcased. Promoting your telepsychiatry program is an important way to ensure that best practices are communicated and learned from throughout the field and also showcases your organization’s commitment to innovation. The following are several ways in which your organization can promote its telepsychiatry program:

• Press Releases: Aimed at spreading the news around a landmark event for your program, a press release can garner the attention of local and national news media. Examples of press releases that could be helpful to your program include program launch announcements, the release of data that bolsters conclusions in the field, awards your program received and many more.
• Conferences and Speaking Engagements: Sending experts in your organization to various conferences and events can be a great way to showcase your program and connect with other experts in the field.
• Abstract and Journal Submissions: Telemedicine and telepsychiatry specifically is a rapidly growing and changing field. Sharing the data and conclusions from your program can help advance the field as a whole while highlighting your program.
• Handouts and Resources: Making handouts and resources about telepsychiatry can not only showcase your program, but also educate consumers, staff and other stakeholders on telepsychiatry. It is important to ensure consumers that telepsychiatry is clinically sound and that televideo encounter differ very little from in-person encounters.