Practicing via Telemedicine

DSC_1212Seeing consumers from a home office via televideo is convenient and comfortable. It is important that your virtual appointment is conducted in a tidy, safe, and confidential environment, so that your remote consumers receive the same level of professionalism they would expect during in-person sessions.  Best practices for remote appointments are much like in-person standards, however providers should pay particular attention to their visual and auditory presentation. Follow these guidelines to make sure you and your space are prepared and pulled together before the camera turns on.

Room Setup

–  Conduct your encounters in a clean, organized space.

–  Pay attention to what is visible within the parameters of your video image.

–  Solid, neutral colored walls are best when possible. 


–  Use a noise machine or ambient noise soundtrack to ensure privacy and help minimize interruptions.

–  Know where your microphone is. Do not shuffle papers or tap near the microphone.

–  Utilize wall coverings and other simple sound proofing measures to help to absorb noise and ensure top-quality sound.


–  Have the camera at eye level to 2 and 3 feet from your face.

–  Mount your camera on a secure, flat surface at about eye level.

–  Check how you and your room look from the consumer’s perspective before an appointment.


–  Make sure the entirety of the room and your face is well-lit, with no shadows or black space in the shot.

–  Do not have windows behind you.

–  Pay attention to where your light sources are within the room.


–  Conduct sessions behind closed doors

–  Do not have other people or pets in your space during an appointment.

–  Be aware of other people in the consumer’s space and your own.


–  Be aware of the patterns on your clothing. Striped shirts are often distracting on camera.

–  You may feel more comfortable in the privacy of your own home, but remember that your language, demeanor, and look can all effect your consumer’s  experience.

–  Be well groomed and wear professional attire at all times during an appointment.