Clinical Telepsychiatry Tips

–  Be very attentive and politely ask consumers to repeat themselves if you did not understand them for any reason- accents, technical reasons, background noise, etc. can all affect your listening.

–  Collaboration with the onsite staff is paramount. They are your on-the-ground senses.

–  Know what happened before the consumer meets you.

–  Have an onsite staff member give you information on the consumer’s vital signs and how they presented in the waiting room and the nurses office.

–  The onsite person can also tell you if the consumer needs to bathe, reeks of alcohol, tobacco or marijuana, or had too many onions with their lunch.

–  Pay attention to how a consumer walks into the room. You should also make sure you discuss a consumer’s mobility, or lack there of, with the onsite staff.

–  Talk to the onsite staff about the consumer’s interaction with family members and other caregivers.