Telepsychiatry for Substance Use Treatment Centers

substance abuse telepsychiatry

The increased prevalence of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders leads to a higher demand for medication management services in addiction treatment programs. InSight + Regroup focuses on its niche of serving behavioral health of populations in any setting across the continuum of care. Due to the common overlap between individuals with behavioral health concerns and chemical dependency issues, we often provide mental health care to settings that are geared towards substance use disorders. InSight + Regroup primarily treats the underlying mental health issues that some of these patients may suffer from. It is important to point out that InSight + Regroup does not run substance use disorder clinics nor prescribe medications for opioid dependence. Our provider services include:

  • Evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Treatment planning
  • Supervision or medical leadership
  • Crisis intervention

Depending on the needs of the particular clinic or detox center, InSight + Regroup typically offers substance use telepsychiatry services in scheduled blocks of time on a regular basis from the same provider.  Under this model, the InSight telepsychiatrist becomes a regular and active member of the clinic’s treatment team while maintaining a consistent case load of consumers.

InSight + Regroup’s team of employed telepsychiatrists and prescribing psychiatric nurse practitioners includes members that hold specialty certifications in the treatment of addictions and substance use and clinicians that have the experience and credentials to effectively prescribe suboxone and methadone.