Telepsychiatry for Primary Care Centers

primary care telepsychiatry

Many primary care providers face difficulty in finding a referral option when their clients present mental health concerns. InSight+ Regroup’s telepsychiatry services are a useful solution to this issue and have increased access to mental health care.  InSight + Regroup’s telebehavioral health providers can give consultations, participate in treatment team meetings, provide regularly scheduled behavioral health appointments, and more. Our providers collaborate and communicate effectively with PCPs to ensure quality and continuum of care.

InSight + Regroup does and has always proactively communicated with consenting consumers’ primary care providers. The intent of this communication is threefold: to provide education and support to PCP staff on how to select and educate patients on the option for referral to telebehavioral health providers, to secure relevant medical history as part of our intake, and to offer regular updates on treatment plans, progress and results.  Our system for coordination involves a field-based team of practice liaisons who establish in-person relationships with PCPs and work to establish tailored workflows for the exchange of information, supported by back-office care navigation and operations staff which execute the exchanges.

Primary care offices can arrange for scheduled services with InSight + Regroup. Through this service model, InSight + Regroup assigns a consistent provider or small group of providers to serve a regular caseload of consumers during scheduled hours. These providers can be available in blocks of time for anything an onsite provider would do including assessment, medication management, treatment team meetings or supervision. Adult psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and all other levels of behavioral health professionals are all available under the scheduled telepsychiatry model at an hourly rate.