Telepsychiatry for Large Health Systems

Reducing Readmissions, Improving ED Throughput and Expanding Behavioral Health Services Across a System Using Sustainable Telepsychiatry Strategies

Complimentary Webinar
April 2, 2015
2pm ET


Telepsychiatry is a proven medium for increasing psychiatric capacity at single facilities and across entire health systems. This presentation will discuss strategies for implementing system-wide telepsychiatry programs that help to keep individuals out of the hospital emergency departments and to reduce readmissions for those who end up there.

Rather than seeing telepsychiatry as a stopgap solution that temporarily fills a need, this webinar will focus on how to look at telepsychiatry as a long-term solution that increases efficiencies, adds value and improves care throughout a health system.

Telepsychiatry offers the opportunity to extend quality in-person care, thus improving overall consumer-wellness. Telepsychiatry should be viewed as a way to enhance, not replace quality onsite services. Today, in-home, mobile, outpatient and primary care based models of telepsychiatry allow for community-based care that addresses behavioral health issues before they reach critical levels.

For instances that do result in a hospital visit, telepsychiatry can be utilized to improve efficiencies and increase throughput. Emergency departments, inpatient units and medical/surgery floors all benefit from telepsychiatry programs that allow for timely, on-demand access to psychiatric prescribers. For follow-up care, online telepsychiatry appointments give individuals a convenient way to stay compliant and healthy.

Based on lessons learned from the leading national telepsychiatry provider company, this webinar will discuss:

•How telepsychiatry can help systems achieve the triple aim of improving consumer experiences, increasing population health and reducing costs to the system
•Models of telepsychiatry that have proven effective with large health system
•The direct and indirect cost benefits of telepsychiatry in different settings
•How to roll-out a system-wide approach to telepsychiatry
•How to overcome regulatory and protocol barriers that often impede telepsychiatry programs
•Best practices for planning and implementing a successful program
•Innovative applications of telepsychiatry that are engaging consumers and facilitating care outside of hospital settings

We invite you to join us for this complimentary webinar presented by, Geoffrey Boyce the Executive Director of InSight Telepsychiatry. Boyce has led the implementation of telepsychiatry programs in 23 states and worked closely with a number of health systems to design and launch successful telepsychiatry programs. InSight has over 15 years of telepsychiatry experience and its team of approximately 200 employed psychiatric prescribers work to deliver care in settings ranging from in-home to outpatient clinics to multi-states health systems and ACOs. Boyce is a well-known thought-leader on telepsychiatry who regularly presents at conferences, events and webinars.

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