Telepsychiatry for Health Systems | White Paper

Telepsychiatry is a proven medium for increasing psychiatric capacity at single facilities and across entire
systems, and has been found to be as effective as in-person care. Through telepsychiatry, organizations can offer
psychiatric coverage without the recruiting, logistical and financial burdens that the onsite provision of those
services would require.

Telepsychiatry offers the opportunity to extend quality care, thus improving overall wellness. It should be viewed
as a way to enhance, not replace quality onsite services. In a health system, telepsychiatry can be used to
improve efficiencies and throughput. Emergency departments, medical/surgical floors and inpatient units can
all benefit from telepsychiatry programs that allow for timely, on-demand access to psychiatric prescribers. For
follow-up or maintenance care, community-based telepsychiatry programs or direct-to-consumer telepsychiatry
appointments give individuals a convenient way to stay compliant and healthy.

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