Telepsychiatry for Universities and Schools

university-based telepsychiatry

Many mental health concerns develop in adolescence, leading to an increased demand for mental health professionals in schools. The shortage of school-based mental health providers can be supplemented with telepsychiatry. Furthermore, school-based providers have such large caseloads that they may be unable to meet the needs of all of their students; school-based InSight + Regroup providers can help ensure that all students receive the mental health care that they are entitled to.

Universities, colleges, and school-based programs have the option of purchasing a scheduled service plan with a designated InSight + Regroup provider or team of providers. Scheduled service follows a model that operates as a robust staffing augmentation to InSight + Regroup’s partner organizations. InSight + Regroup contracts with clinics in underserved areas to bring them additional, quality psychiatric capacity on a consistent basis. During this scheduled block of time, the provider can perform assessments, medication management, treatment team meetings or supervision. InSight + Regroup can provide university and school-based mental health resource teams with adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrists, NPs, psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers or life coaches. Universities may arrange for designated computers in health or counseling centers for these appointments. Telepsychiatry also provides students with the option to login for their appointments from their dorm room, home or another private space.